Red, Art, and the Times We Live in

Red: flowers, anger, heart, love, fury, rage, pain, blood, passion, 

Art: freedom, expression, beauty, unique, timeless, 

The times we live in: insane, beautiful, depressing, hopeful, crossroads, 

Hodgepodge of words, and mixed emotions:  feel free to add your own !  

I started writing this post in July, just after the horror of what happened in Nice on July 14th.  I did not finish it at the time…   The words that came to my mind when thinking about those 3 elements: red, art, and the times we live in seemed to summarize well how I felt then, and I am sure I was not alone feeling very much confused…


_____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____


Later in July, we left Boston to go see my family in France and to visit Ireland with our children.   It was a wonderful vacation!

Ring of Kerry, Waterville on the right
Ladies’ View, Co. Kerry
Ring of Kerry
Staigue Fort, 2500 years old, Co. Kerryg,
The wall is up to 6 Meters high and 4 meters deep


And now, we are back home.  Everyone in my family is busy with camps, work, fun with friends!  And it is now time for me to resume blogging, creating, sewing and exploring…

So today, I will be sharing a few things I sewed in the spring:

First, two dresses, made with the same pattern but very different types of fabric, one cotton, one knit:






Then, I borrowed a pattern that A. , from my sewing class, had made.   I used it to make two aprons, both reversible:





And just for fun, and because so many in my sewing class make them, I made a tiny quilt, my first one, with squares of all the different fabrics I had used in the past year:


I am looking forward to another year of sewing!  (I guess I count in school years 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a nice day!





At the beginning of every year, some of us rack our brains to come up with New Year’s Resolutions that we may be able to keep…  This year, I would like to try something new and will replace the word “Resolutions” with the word “Gratitude”.  I am so grateful for the people around me, my family and my friends, here and abroad, for the places I see every day, and the ones I will discover for the first time, for the people I have known forever and the ones I will be lucky to meet, and for all the new experiences and discoveries that will come my way in 2016!

And here are a few of the things I was grateful for in January:

  • Sewing

I completed a few fun things:

A pair of pajama pants

A yoga mat bag

A pie holder with new fabric

The new project I started last week…


  • Painting

We moved in 2 years ago and had not repainted the kitchen and the dining room.  We were finally able to do so.  We are so excited and love the new colors!

Kitchen: before and after

Dining room: before and after


  • Nature

We have had a dog since September!  His name is Bear.  Those among you who are dog owners can relate to how demanding a puppy is at the beginning, right?  Our family has adjusted, thankfully, and we now enjoy our walks with him very much!  Bear and I went to the Reservoir practically every day in January.  Here are a few pictures:


Happy February to all of you!

Hello, Winter!

I am writing from Sunday River, ME today.  🙂

Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful traditions.  We get to see family and friends, we send cards to wish everyone “Happy Holidays!”, we give and receive gifts, we put lights everywhere to fend off the darkness that comes earlier every day…  Because it is very busy for most of us, except for my dear friend J. who always inspires me to slow down and not succumb to the frenzy, the quiet that follows the holidays is ever so delightful!  And leaving the house for a few days really allows for breaking away from the humdrum of daily life.  We packed up and left Boston yesterday to go to Maine.  Not much snow, but enough for our son to learn to snowboard, and for our daughters to go down the slopes a few times.

As for me, I have  decided to stay behind and enjoy a day of reading and writing, hence the picture above, taken this morning of all the art supplies brought by Elliot.  I realize that I have not posted anything in a while.  I have just read today in that a good blogger should post at least 3 times a week, that the best day to post is Tuesday, and that long posts (3,000 to 10,000 words) are read more than the short ones (0 to 1,000 words)…  I may have found my first three new-year resolutions right there 🙂

That said, let me show you some pics of my new collection of cute pie-holders: the first series has a lime-green lining.  I fell in love with grey fabric, with tiny houses outlined in white.  It makes me think of the “vieux quartiers” in Paris, or somehow, of San francisco…IMG_8952


The second series has a nice orange lining.  I am not sure which lining I like best.  They are both really fun and whimsical!   😉


Also, here is the big bag that took me so long to complete!  I am using it to carry my sewing machine to sewing class, until I get a rolling case.


I wish you a wonderful new year, full of love, joy, and creativity!







Noël, Noël!

New month, new projects!  Lots to make for the Holidays!  I would like to sew some of the Christmas gifts I will be giving this year, and am brainstorming to find the perfect gifts to make for the people I love.  It is really fun and I am really enjoying the process.

I ordered labels last month and I am really excited to add them to my sewing projects!



In sewing class, I have been working on this one big bag and I am about ready to be done with it and to start using it!  I used the extra fabric to make a pencil case for my writer friend whose old pencil case was about to fall apart!


My latest finished project is a Dopp kit, or toiletry bag.


I hope to be posting more this month…  See you again soon!



Every year for Halloween, a farm near us comes up with something fun to do for the kids.  It used to be hayrides in the field turned into a spooky cemetery for the occasion, but this year, it was different.  They made a huge labyrinth out of straw bales! We went on Sunday and it was really fun to walk in it, and to get lost, again and again 🙂

Sharing with you a quick sewing project today: I finally made a pencil case out of the fabric my son and I printed with the wooden blocks I bought at a fair in May!  I really like the fabric that lines it too 🙂



On to the next project…

Have a nice rest of your day! 


“La terre est bleue comme une orange…” Paul Eluard


” La terre est bleue comme une orange…”   This first line of a poem by Paul Eluard makes me think of autumn.  We are transitioning from summer (blue) to fall (orange), … slowly.  Mother Nature has given us so many glorious colorful  days!  We are so lucky!  I was able to spend some time in the Berkshires earlier this month and took the picture above there.  I love how  the path and the bridge create a beautiful metaphor for  life, for transitions…  Don’t you?

Besides taking walks with our new puppy, Bear, I am sewing again!  After the craziness of back-to-school, I have been able to find more time to work on my projects.  First, I completed the Hobo bag presented in an earlier post:

IMG_8458          IMG_8493

I love it!  It is so big and sturdy.  I use it for books and notebooks.  It is perfect!

Then, a friend of mine asked me to make her a few pie holders/casserole carriers.  Here are the first two, both reversible 🙂

    IMG_8492      IMG_8490

Earlier this week, I moved my “sewing room” out of our dining room, and into the basement!  Tada!


I have now my own space away from everyone, where I will be able to start projects and leave them out until they are done, without disturbing anyone.  My family has been very patient with this new hobby and I thank them, but it was time!

My latest project is  making a bag to carry my sewing machine to sewing class.  It might turn into a weekender bag…  I love the fabric so much!


On this orange note, enjoy the fall and Happy Creating!

Repurposing fabric


I have been taking a sewing class and I am about to complete my first Hobo bag, repurposing my friend’s Indian tunic.  Great challenge!  And I am learning a ton 🙂
IMG_8373 IMG_8368 IMG_8374      IMG_8376


I will finish it on Thursday.  🙂  I can’t wait!

Remember the blocks I got in the spring?  I finally tried them on fabric.  The printed pieces will become nice “trousses” (pencil cases).  I just have to wash them and they will be ready to sew.


Happy crafting, sewing, painting, knitting, quilting, writing, etc.  whatever you do that brings you joy!