Polka dot day

My son has strep today 😦  Pauvre chouchou!  So, after the visit to the doctor’s office, he rested for a couple of hours and I decided to use that time to add to my polka dot series.  I had already made two things with polka dots: a set of napkins a few weeks ago and a bag for Noa earlier this week.  Today, I decided to try to add a zipper to my next project.  I found a tutorial on Youtube.  Easy.  But zippers mean using the zipper foot on my machine…  Oh no!  I had never changed the foot on my machine before.  It ends up being really easy.  Phew!  So I followed the nice lady’s instructions on Youtube and produced a small zipper pouch.

You can see all of them here :

IMG_6847 IMG_6845

Have a great day!

One thought on “Polka dot day

  1. Way to go, Edwige. I love Noa’s bag; those colors are so cute.
    I just happened to receive two packets of polka dot fabrics for a special project today!!


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