Burlap and cityscapes

Burlap and cityscapes?  Really?  Those two words evoke very different atmospheres to me.  Burlap, on the one hand, reminds me of the farm where I grew up; Cityscapes, on the other, make me think of Boston, New York, cities close to where I live now.  Putting them together is very appealing to me.  They are like those two parts of my life, childhood and adulthood gathered in one place.  It reminds me of Chimamanda Adichie”s TEd talk about “The Danger of the Single Story”.  No one is a single story.  We are all made of many stories.  The places we’ve been, the experiences we have had make who we are today.

A friend gave me the idea of placemats, and embroidering them came very naturally to me.  I had seen a cityscape embroidered and presented in its embroidery loop at the  art exhibition in my children’s school.  I loved the idea!  The 6 placemats are not completed yet but here is a sneak peek.


Have a nice day!

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