Summer is almost here, and we already feel it!  Beautiful days, end-of-year celebrations, camping weekends, looser schedules,  etc.  Sewing seems to take a backseat though… Nevertheless, here are three projects I have been busy with.

The first one was supposed to be a set of placemats.  Well, after washing them, the burlap unraveled…  So, I turned them into a decorative embroidery hoop art set.  🙂


I am thinking about putting them on Etsy…

The second one was simple but ” ça fait son effet” as we say in French :  kitchen towels with a French twist.  Cute, non?


The third project was “making an apron”. I was very excited because I had the perfect remnants for that!  The idea and instructions came from this blog: Stitches in Play  Here are pictures of the apron I made and a preview of the one I am working on.


Thank you for reading!  It would make my day if you liked or made a comment 🙂  No pressure, but it is always nice to hear from readers.

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Three lovely projects just like that! I’m impressed.
    I think I have used the exact same Paris black and white fabric somewhere and I may have some left over for a bag… should look into my “unfinished projects” pile.

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