Tote bags and Chapati holder


Here is an overview of some sewing projects completed this week.

The first one is based on this: Railroad Tote on

IMG_8173IMG_8205 IMG_8206

The second one is my personal interpretation of the Railroad tote.  It is perfect to carry books to my “groupe de lecture” 🙂


The third project is based on my friend’s idea that the pie holder would be great, if smaller, for Chapati!  And here is what I made for her.



Happy September 1st!  Bonne rentrée à tous!

3 thoughts on “Tote bags and Chapati holder

  1. Coucou Edwige! I love the Chapati holder, especially because I got a “tarte” holder a couple of years ago from my sister. I use it a lot and love it! I was thinking of making one for a friend who bakes a lot, but you are so talented… that I may have you do it instead. Do you take orders?
    A bientot!


    1. Anne-Sophie,
      So happy to hear from you! Thank you for your nice comment. I am really enjoying sewing, and am actually taking a class right now.
      I’d be very happy to make one for you.


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