“La terre est bleue comme une orange…” Paul Eluard


” La terre est bleue comme une orange…”   This first line of a poem by Paul Eluard makes me think of autumn.  We are transitioning from summer (blue) to fall (orange), … slowly.  Mother Nature has given us so many glorious colorful  days!  We are so lucky!  I was able to spend some time in the Berkshires earlier this month and took the picture above there.  I love how  the path and the bridge create a beautiful metaphor for  life, for transitions…  Don’t you?

Besides taking walks with our new puppy, Bear, I am sewing again!  After the craziness of back-to-school, I have been able to find more time to work on my projects.  First, I completed the Hobo bag presented in an earlier post:

IMG_8458          IMG_8493

I love it!  It is so big and sturdy.  I use it for books and notebooks.  It is perfect!

Then, a friend of mine asked me to make her a few pie holders/casserole carriers.  Here are the first two, both reversible 🙂

    IMG_8492      IMG_8490

Earlier this week, I moved my “sewing room” out of our dining room, and into the basement!  Tada!


I have now my own space away from everyone, where I will be able to start projects and leave them out until they are done, without disturbing anyone.  My family has been very patient with this new hobby and I thank them, but it was time!

My latest project is  making a bag to carry my sewing machine to sewing class.  It might turn into a weekender bag…  I love the fabric so much!


On this orange note, enjoy the fall and Happy Creating!

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