At the beginning of every year, some of us rack our brains to come up with New Year’s Resolutions that we may be able to keep…  This year, I would like to try something new and will replace the word “Resolutions” with the word “Gratitude”.  I am so grateful for the people around me, my family and my friends, here and abroad, for the places I see every day, and the ones I will discover for the first time, for the people I have known forever and the ones I will be lucky to meet, and for all the new experiences and discoveries that will come my way in 2016!

And here are a few of the things I was grateful for in January:

  • Sewing

I completed a few fun things:

A pair of pajama pants

A yoga mat bag

A pie holder with new fabric

The new project I started last week…


  • Painting

We moved in 2 years ago and had not repainted the kitchen and the dining room.  We were finally able to do so.  We are so excited and love the new colors!

Kitchen: before and after

Dining room: before and after


  • Nature

We have had a dog since September!  His name is Bear.  Those among you who are dog owners can relate to how demanding a puppy is at the beginning, right?  Our family has adjusted, thankfully, and we now enjoy our walks with him very much!  Bear and I went to the Reservoir practically every day in January.  Here are a few pictures:


Happy February to all of you!

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