Red, Art, and the Times We Live in

Red: flowers, anger, heart, love, fury, rage, pain, blood, passion, 

Art: freedom, expression, beauty, unique, timeless, 

The times we live in: insane, beautiful, depressing, hopeful, crossroads, 

Hodgepodge of words, and mixed emotions:  feel free to add your own !  

I started writing this post in July, just after the horror of what happened in Nice on July 14th.  I did not finish it at the time…   The words that came to my mind when thinking about those 3 elements: red, art, and the times we live in seemed to summarize well how I felt then, and I am sure I was not alone feeling very much confused…


_____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _____


Later in July, we left Boston to go see my family in France and to visit Ireland with our children.   It was a wonderful vacation!

Ring of Kerry, Waterville on the right

Ladies’ View, Co. Kerry

Ring of Kerry

Staigue Fort, 2500 years old, Co. Kerryg,

The wall is up to 6 Meters high and 4 meters deep

And now, we are back home.  Everyone in my family is busy with camps, work, fun with friends!  And it is now time for me to resume blogging, creating, sewing and exploring…

So today, I will be sharing a few things I sewed in the spring:

First, two dresses, made with the same pattern but very different types of fabric, one cotton, one knit:






Then, I borrowed a pattern that A. , from my sewing class, had made.   I used it to make two aprons, both reversible:





And just for fun, and because so many in my sewing class make them, I made a tiny quilt, my first one, with squares of all the different fabrics I had used in the past year:


I am looking forward to another year of sewing!  (I guess I count in school years 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a nice day!




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