“La terre est bleue comme une orange…” Paul Eluard


” La terre est bleue comme une orange…”   This first line of a poem by Paul Eluard makes me think of autumn.  We are transitioning from summer (blue) to fall (orange), … slowly.  Mother Nature has given us so many glorious colorful  days!  We are so lucky!  I was able to spend some time in the Berkshires earlier this month and took the picture above there.  I love how  the path and the bridge create a beautiful metaphor for  life, for transitions…  Don’t you?

Besides taking walks with our new puppy, Bear, I am sewing again!  After the craziness of back-to-school, I have been able to find more time to work on my projects.  First, I completed the Hobo bag presented in an earlier post:

IMG_8458          IMG_8493

I love it!  It is so big and sturdy.  I use it for books and notebooks.  It is perfect!

Then, a friend of mine asked me to make her a few pie holders/casserole carriers.  Here are the first two, both reversible 🙂

    IMG_8492      IMG_8490

Earlier this week, I moved my “sewing room” out of our dining room, and into the basement!  Tada!


I have now my own space away from everyone, where I will be able to start projects and leave them out until they are done, without disturbing anyone.  My family has been very patient with this new hobby and I thank them, but it was time!

My latest project is  making a bag to carry my sewing machine to sewing class.  It might turn into a weekender bag…  I love the fabric so much!


On this orange note, enjoy the fall and Happy Creating!

Repurposing fabric


I have been taking a sewing class and I am about to complete my first Hobo bag, repurposing my friend’s Indian tunic.  Great challenge!  And I am learning a ton 🙂
IMG_8373 IMG_8368 IMG_8374      IMG_8376


I will finish it on Thursday.  🙂  I can’t wait!

Remember the blocks I got in the spring?  I finally tried them on fabric.  The printed pieces will become nice “trousses” (pencil cases).  I just have to wash them and they will be ready to sew.


Happy crafting, sewing, painting, knitting, quilting, writing, etc.  whatever you do that brings you joy!


Tote bags and Chapati holder


Here is an overview of some sewing projects completed this week.

The first one is based on this: Railroad Tote on Purlbee.com

IMG_8173IMG_8205 IMG_8206

The second one is my personal interpretation of the Railroad tote.  It is perfect to carry books to my “groupe de lecture” 🙂


The third project is based on my friend’s idea that the pie holder would be great, if smaller, for Chapati!  And here is what I made for her.



Happy September 1st!  Bonne rentrée à tous!

Pie holder / Sac à tarte


Finally taking time to sew!  I love listening to either music or podcasts of the Moth while I work.  Today, I listened to the Moth and it was great.  The stories are always so inspiring!  If you don’t know the Moth Show, I highly recommend it.

The project I have just completed is a pie holder.  I had bought one a while back at a craft fair and I love it.  It is perfect to bring a dish to a friend’s house or to a potluck!  I got the instructions from this website: pureloisirs.com  Here is the final product:

:IMG_8160 IMG_8161


Have a Happy Tuesday!

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Corsica / La Corse July came and went, just like that!  We were away for most of it, discovering CORSICA, l”île de Beauté.  We fell in love with the island, its stunning beaches with turquoise waters, its majestic mountains, its beautiful white cliffs,  its medieval citadels and villages, etc.  The list could go on forever… IMG_7750 IMG_7804 IMG_7942         IMG_8035 The food was delicious, lots of fish and seafood. IMG_7807                          IMG_7806 IMG_7805 I love expresso and it is my “péché mignon” when I am in France to take my book and go to a café to people watch read.   Sur la place du village à Saint-Florent et sur la plage de Palombaggia 🙂 IMG_7933                IMG_7604 Now that we are back, I am excited to start sewing and embroidering again.  I got some ideas while we were away…  Here is one of the pretty and inspiring boutiques we saw in Bonifacio.


Looking ahead, my next project will most likely involve some beautiful fabric from India that my friend gave me.  It may be perfect to use to explore Hobo Bag making.  So exciting!

To be continued…

Happy August!



Summer is almost here, and we already feel it!  Beautiful days, end-of-year celebrations, camping weekends, looser schedules,  etc.  Sewing seems to take a backseat though… Nevertheless, here are three projects I have been busy with.

The first one was supposed to be a set of placemats.  Well, after washing them, the burlap unraveled…  So, I turned them into a decorative embroidery hoop art set.  🙂


I am thinking about putting them on Etsy…

The second one was simple but ” ça fait son effet” as we say in French :  kitchen towels with a French twist.  Cute, non?


The third project was “making an apron”. I was very excited because I had the perfect remnants for that!  The idea and instructions came from this blog: Stitches in Play  Here are pictures of the apron I made and a preview of the one I am working on.


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Have a wonderful day!